William Keech Family 

The research below each picture was done by the seller of the album.

Names Listed: Keech, Patton, Collins, Dunwoody, LaRue, Mills, Stanclift, Birch, Scribner, Cadwallader, Warren, Fannyhill, Mustaine, Blain, Priest, Brown, Wilson, Cheny, Stockwell, Southwick, Curl, Carter, Cheney and Hoover.

This is a marvelous photo album of the historic WILLIAM KEECH family of Marion County Ohio.  The album has 46 tin type and carte de visites photographs, most having been identified with inscriptions on back and/or on bottom of album page in which image is inserted.  Many inscriptions indicate the relation.

The Keech family was a prominent, early family in the Marion County, LaRue vicinity.  As the album pages turn, many more well-known names appear as relations or friends.

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