Cinder Hill's

Shovel Athletic Field aka Cinder Hill’s

Scroll down for explanations of the numbers.

This is how I remember the Cinder Hill’s in the 50’s and 60’s.

 Does anyone have any old pictures of the place or any info of #4 the concrete building.

1. This is where the Union Hall sets now. My grand father and mother told me there were tennis courts there. When I was growing up you could see the concrete footers from the grand stand. 

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2. This is where the softball field was. It had a large back stop with three level bench seats on each side. There were lots of slow and fast pitch softball played there. Us kids never used this field much, we had are own hard ball field further West by the gardens.

3. This is where the Shovel gardens were. I would love to have a nickel for every bucket of water I carried  down there for my fathers tomato plants.

4. This is what I would like to know about. There was a large concrete building here with about a 3 foot crawl space under it. The crawl space was always flooded. There were 2 windows on the North end about 30 feet tall, on the West and East sides were doors about 40 feet tall. The cinder hills were around the North and West sides. Out in front there were 3 concrete slip trenches like they had at the Ordance Plant. I know the Shovel made a large gun on a flat car during WW1. Did they do any ordance work?

5. & 6. This is where the cinder hills were. They took up at least half the field going north to south. North end was next to the Columbia St. Ditch aka Shit Creek. 6 was a large Lime pit.

7. This is where the little train engine from the Shovel ran across Davids St. West across Uncapher to Pine. Went South for a couple hundred yards. Here there where large open ended stalls they kept finished pieces in and large wood shipping boxes.

8. This was a large wooden warehouse, full of bags of fertilizer and other farm stuff.

9. This was a large mound of white sand. Every year full of wild strawberries.

10. This is where the trucks came in off of Buckeye, it went back to the Cinder Hills, if you turned to the left you went past the concrete building and came out on Oak Grove Ave. At the entrance there was a Mulberry tree on one side and a Catawba tree on the other.





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